University of the Pacific Animal Shelter Behavioral Management Certificate Course

Instructor: Kelley Bollen, MS, CABC

Course description: Comprehensive behavior programs are essential to keep the animals behaviorally and emotionally healthy during their stay. This 8-week certificate course will give you the knowledge and skills to develop an effective behavior program aimed at improving the welfare of the animals in your care.

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Virtual Seminars

Kelley can come to you virtually and present the same educational lectures to your staff and volunteers as she does in person.  All that is needed on your end is a laptop and a projector.  Through the Zoom platform with the screen share feature Kelley can present any of her educational lectures to your shelter staff and volunteers (see list below).  Email Kelley at to schedule a seminar for your organization. Kelley's most popular lectures are also available as rental videos -

Virtual Consultations

Kelley is available to provide your shelter with behavioral consulting services through zoom meetings.  She can meet with individual staff members or a whole group to help advise on all things behavior.  Email Kelley at to schedule a virtual consultation.

Behavior Consultations for Fosters and Adopters

Kelley is offering phone and video consultations to adopters and foster parents to help resolve dog and cat behavioral challenges.  To schedule a phone or video consultation please tell your foster parents and adopters to contact Kelley through this website or to email her at

Shelter Consultations
Kelley is available for in-person consultations to help shelters create or improve their behavior programs. Consultations can be general, covering a wide variety of programs such as Behavioral Enrichment, Training, Behavior Modification or more focused - addressing one specific area of interest, such as conducting Canine Behavior Evaluations. A combination of lectures and hands-on training is typical.


Shelter Behavior Assessments

Behavior assessments are designed to evaluate your shelter’s current behavior practices. The assessment would require access to the physical shelter, access to relevant data, and interviews with staff and management regarding current behavior practices. A full report is then provided to you with recommendations to improve your overall behavior program.

Shelter Behavior Workshops
Kelley is available to provide one, two or three day workshops focusing on all aspects of shelter behavioral care.   Below is a list of lectures offered for a shelter workshop:

  • Reading Dog and Cat Body Language and Safe Humane Handling

  • Stress Recognition and Reduction for Shelter Dogs and Cats

  • Enrichment for Shelter Dogs and Cats

  • Understanding Aggressive Behavior in the Domestic Dog

  • Canine Behavior Assessments and Decision Making

  • Feline Behavior Assessments

  • How Animals Learn and Training Dogs and Cats in the Shelter

  • Behavior Modification for Shelter Dogs

  • Addressing Common Behavior Problems in Cats and Dogs to Prevent Surrenders

  • Doggie Social Hour (Playgroups)

  • Dogs Gone Crazy - The Negative Effects of Captivity

  • Animal Control Officer Behavioral Training (4 hour training that contains elements of five other above talks)

  • Pit Bulls - Are They Different?

  • Terrified Tabby and Frightened Fido

  • Dominance in Dogs - Is it a Myth?

  • Life Changing Animals - Placing the Difficult Dogs

Kelley Bollen's Two-Day Shelter Behavior Seminar

This two-day seminar is designed for shelter staff, animal control officers, volunteers and administrators to learn more about addressing the behavioral health of the animals in their care. 

Day 1

  • Intake and Adoptions - A Behavior Perspective

  • Reading Dog and Cat Body Language & Safe Animal Handling

  • Stress Recognition and Reduction

  • Behavioral and Environmental Enrichment

Day 2

  • Understanding Aggression in the Domestic Dog

  • Canine Behavior Evaluations 

  • Feline Behavior Evaluations

  • How Animals Learn and Training in the Shelter

  • Behavior Modification in the Shelter


            Attendees receive Certificate of Attendance

           CEU's Available: IAABC Members receive 14 CEU's, CCPDT - 11 CEU's for trainers & 3 CEU's for behavior consultants


Your shelter can host the Shelter Behavior Seminar. The host shelter secures the venue and helps to advertise the event and their staff can attend at no cost. Please contact Kelley for details.


Educational Seminars for Veterinarians
Educational seminars are available to veterinary offices to improve staff's understanding of animal behavior so that they can help their animal and humane clients.  Also available for rental -

  • Reading Dog and Cat Body Language

  • Humane Handling During Veterinary Exams

  • Stress Reduction in the Veterinary Clinic

  • Resolving Common Problematic Behavior in Dogs

  • Resolving Common Problematic Behavior in Cats

  • Separation Anxiety in Dogs

  • Fears and Phobias in Dogs

  • Understanding Aggression in the Domestic Dog

  • Behavioral Advice for Puppy and Kitten Clients


Educational Seminars for Pet Owners 
These public seminars are designed to provide you with relevant information that will improve your understanding of your pet.


  • The Amazingness of our Canine and Feline Friends

  • Why does my dog do that and how do I get him to stop?

  • Why does my cat do that and how do I get her to stop?

  • Dog Safety for Pet Owners

  • Dog Bite Prevention for Kids

  • Enrichment and Clicker Training for Your Pets

  • Preparing Your Pet for the New Baby

  • Separation Anxiety and Other Fears and Phobias

  • Aggressive Behavior in Dogs


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